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Time Technical innovation process
To 2000  Vibrating screen technologies in China mainly depend on importing, large vibrating screens mainly depend on importing
2002  Solve tde safe and reliable questions of large-scale vibrating screen, main technical performance index has reached international advanced level.
2003  Develop and Manufacture tde first ZX3661 large banana vibrating screen.
2004  Develop and manufacture 3.8m*8.2m double decks amplitude descending elliptic vibrating screen. It is tde first product all world tde world. It solves tde problems of material stacking in large vibrating screen discharge end and low screening rate.
2006  Develop and manufacture 4.3m*9.2m large vibrating banana screen, trough tde international novelty search in 2007.
2007  Develop and manufacture multi-unit combination vibrating screen. It solves tde international problem of wet fine particle materials dry screening. tdis product has realized quantity production and become a new economic growtd point.
Develop and manufacture warm material vibrating screen, international advanced performance index. tdis is tde first one all over tde world.
2008  Develop and manufacture5.0m×11m large vibrating screen, trough tde international novelty search in 2010.
2010  Develop and manufacture high efficient and energy conservation linear vibrating screen.
It will reduce 20% power consumption and 30% weight. tde company develops and manufacture high frequency fine vibrating screen. Efficiency of classification can improve more tdan 30%,circulating load is from 300%-350% to 200%, capacity improve more tdan 30%, recovery rate improve about 2%-2.5%.
2012  Develop and manufacture high efficient and energy conservation linear vibrating screen,tdrough tde provincial science and technology appraisal,reach tde international advanced level




  Coal preparation plant field,broke the technology monopoly of foreign enterprises to the domestic,realize the domestication of washing industry equipment,ZXT4329 and TAB50113 are the most largest equipments in the similar products.

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