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  Vision: Devote to vibration mechanical technology progress and industry development,Establish international enterprise
  Content explanation: Company will devote to manufacture vibrating screen and develop new product,comprehensive develop high-end market,shape the brand image,keep the leading position,realize the scale of company continuously extend,core competence continuously promote, build a business scale, specialization, excellent quality of products, excellent quality, manufacture brand-name enterprises of management standardization
Enterprise Culture
  International famous brand :
  ■ Product technology: realize dynamic performance analysis and optimization design,reach the international leading technology index
  ■ Product quality: international standard
  ■ Brand awareness: world famous
  ■ Market occupancy: more than 30%
  Mission: Select high efficient, energy conservation and environmental washing equipment for washing industry.
  Content explanation: High efficient: improve per hour capacity continuously, energy conservation: reduce electrical energy consumption continuously, environmental: reduce noise pollution continuously
  Value: Integrity,Practical,Innovate,Struggle,unity
  Content explanation:
  ■ Integrity: Honesty comes the first in all the virtues. Faith is the fundamental for all problems. Honesty is the root of enterprise
  ■ Practical: Be modest and prudent, be realistic and pragmatic
  ■ Innovate: Technical innovation is a core competitiveness of enterprise development, further improve the combination of product innovation and process innovation technology innovation model
  ■ Struggle: Hard work is the life of the enterprise development
  ■ Unity: Unity thinking, Unity action

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