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Service Introduction
  I. All service personnel must enhance service awareness and establish the concept of customer is God.
  II. Service personnel must arrive on the site in the shortest possible time after receiving the user's service requirements. We shall provide professional, meticulous and thoughtful service until we know all the circumstances. Service personnel can help you troubleshoot problems as soon as possible which even if caused by improper operation and patiently explain to the user about equipment performance, operating procedures and precautions. If the problems are caused by installation and manufacturing, we should apologize to the user.
  III. If meet the technical problems such as design etc which can not be solved at site timely, service personnel should report to related leaders immediately. Technical personnel may be sent to solve the problems as required.
  IV. Service personnel should take notes of service and give feedback to relevant departments.
  V. It should select the appropriate time and user to visit customers, know the use of products and user's comments or suggestions.
  Service Introduction
  After-sales service telephone: +86-412-5235078
  Technical support: +86-412-5235016
  24 hours after-sales service telephone: +86-412-7366006

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