Corporate Culture

Vision: Committed to the technical progress and industry development of vibration machinery industry, to create an internationally renowned enterprise.

The company will focus on the manufacturing of vibrating screen products and continue to develop new products, develop the high-end market, in-depth brand image, maintain the industry pioneer status, to achieve the continuous expansion of the scale of the company, the core competitiveness continues to improve, and strive to create a large-scale operation, product specialization, quality excellence, standardized management of manufacturing well-known enterprises.

Interpretation of international famous brands:

■ Product technology: to achieve dynamic performance analysis and optimization design, to reach the international forefront of technical indicators

Product quality: international standard

■ Brand awareness: World famous

■ Market share: more than 30%

Mission: To continuously provide high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection (high quality products) washing equipment for industrial washing industry

Content interpretation: High efficiency: continuously improve the processing capacity per unit time, energy saving: continuously reduce energy and power consumption, environmental protection: continuously reduce noise pollution

Values: integrity, pragmatism, innovation, struggle, unity

Explanation of Contents:

■ Integrity: Good faith first, Pepsi letter based, integrity is the root of enterprise life, societe Generale

■ Pragmatic: modest and prudent, pragmatic, down-to-earth work, real life

Innovation: Technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. The company always adheres to continuous technological innovation as its core competitiveness, pursues development by independent innovation, and further improves the technological innovation mode combining product innovation and process innovation

■ Struggle: Hard struggle is the life of enterprise development

■ Unity: unity of thought and action to harmonize and benefit people