Service Introduction



First, all after-sales service personnel must improve the service consciousness, establish the concept that the customer is God, seriously do a good job in after-sales service.

Ii. Upon receiving the user's service requirements, the company must arrive at the site within the shortest time and provide accurate, meticulous and thoughtful service immediately after understanding the situation. In case of problems caused by improper use or inability of the user to operate, the user should also troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible and patiently explain the performance, operating procedures and precautions of the device to the user. If the enterprise installation, manufacturing and other reasons caused by the problem, should be timely excluded, and to the user apologies.

3. In case of technical problems such as design, which cannot be solved on site in time, please immediately ask the relevant leaders of the factory for instructions. According to needs, relevant technical personnel can be sent to solve the problems together.

Iv. After-sales service personnel shall keep good service records and feedback users' comments to relevant departments in time.

Five, choose the appropriate time and object to return to the user. Understand the use of the product and the user's comments or suggestions.

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