LB Tianjin Tanggu Municipal 4000 Type Construction Site 2010

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  product description
  Product features
  Our company independent production type LB asphalt mixing equipment is 1000 ~ 4000 different specifications, and according to user requirements with no structure in the form of dust catcher and different structure forms of finished product bin, with stable performance, high reliability, high finished product rate, low failure rate, high quality, can satisfy all kinds of high quality demand of the asphalt mixture, It has been widely praised by users for many years.
  Overview of main features:
  1, the primary batching system adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, stable feed quantity, easy to adjust.
  2, dry combustion system using high quality burner, wide requirements for fuel quality, large regulation ratio, high thermal efficiency. The heated and easy to wear parts in the cylinder are made of special steel with high heat resistance and wear resistance and long service life.
  3, the screening system adopts LZSF type asphalt screen with high performance and high reliability produced by our company. External vibrator, good heat dissipation performance, service life of bearing greatly improved. According to the needs of mixing station using 4 ~ 6 layers of screening, large processing capacity, long service life, high screening efficiency.
  4, advanced measurement system, aggregate, mineral powder, asphalt independent measurement, with automatic measurement error compensation correction function, high measurement accuracy, accurate ratio.
  5, the electronic control system adopts microcomputer control to realize real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and automatic alarm. With automatic and manual dual operation, avoid automatic operation failure forced to stop production, and affect the construction progress.
  6. The thermal insulation asphalt valves and thermal oil valves in the pipeline system adopt the new cylindrical plug valves independently developed and manufactured by our company. There is no sealing filling material between the cock and the body shell, no leakage, no pollution, flexible opening, easy to remote and automatic control. With two and three way structure, the system using three way valve can make asphalt, thermal tubing more optimized, simple, is conducive to reduce heat loss, reduce costs.
  7, dust removal system adopts cyclone and bag type two stage dust removal, pulse valve spray dust removal, especially in the purification of high dust concentration and humidity of the gas effect is remarkable, can effectively reduce the pollution to the environment, meet the requirements of environmental protection.
  8, mixing cylinder structure design is reasonable, filling rate is small, the cycle cycle is short, stirring ability is strong, stirring evenly, full. Mixing cylinder liner and blade are made of high-strength wear-resisting materials, with a service life of more than 50,000 batches.
  9, finished goods warehouse adopts anti-bonding, release and segregation technology, discharge door electric auxiliary heating, good insulation effect. The capacity is 100 tons for single warehouse and 200 tons for double warehouse. Conveying mode has scraper type and bucket lift type. Scraper conveyor conveying finished materials continuously, sealing heat preservation is good, not affected by the external environment.
  The hopper elevator adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which effectively reduces the current and mechanical impact generated by the hopper when lifting and falling. The travel of the bucket is less than the mixing cycle to ensure the continuity and efficiency of production.