WB series cement stabilized soil plant mixing equipment

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  product description
  Product features
  The cement stabilized soil mixing equipment produced by our company adopts industrial microcomputer control system, which has the characteristics of strong adaptability to materials, multiple gradation types, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, debugging, maintenance and so on. It is widely used in the construction of the base of high-grade highway, airport and other projects.
  Overview of main features:
  1, the main parts of the control system and electrical components are made of internationally famous manufacturers, reliable use, strong anti-interference ability, with automatic adjustment compensation, automatic fault diagnosis alarm function; The output and material gradation are set in advance, and the real-time dynamic adjustment is simple and convenient.
  2, the mixing system is double horizontal shaft forced continuous agitator, can stir cement stabilized soil and lime stabilized soil.
  Agitator adopts liner technology, static materials form flexible wear-resisting layer, reduce blade wear and power consumption, avoid the occurrence of jammed material and boring car accidents, improve the reliability and economy of the use of agitator; High speed stirring makes the material stirring more fully, more uniform, so that the quality of the finished material is more stable.
  3. Aggregate batching system is composed of bone bin, belt weighing machine and aggregate belt unit. Large aggregate warehouse capacity, reduce the number of feeding; Each bin is equipped with wall vibrators. Continuous belt weighing machine, using frequency conversion speed regulation, smooth operation; The ring belt with group edge is adopted, which does not remove material, does not deviate and is not easy to be damaged. Measurement accuracy, measurement accuracy ≤±2%
  4. Cement batching system is composed of cement bin and cement metering bin. Cement warehouse capacity is large, and equipped with dust collector and arch breaking device.
  Cement is measured by reducing quantity, frequency conversion adjustable speed dial, which can detect the weight of the instantaneous cement flow and transfer it to the control device, and adjust the speed of the dial immediately. Measurement accuracy ≤±1%. Powder conveying for closed conveying, no leakage, no pollution.
  5, finished goods warehouse adopts double pneumatic discharging door, solenoid valve control, fast and convenient unloading.